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Nirrumbuk Environmental Health Program


Our Environmental Health program is a partnership between Nirrumbuk and the Health Department of Western Australia through the office of Aboriginal Health and the Kimberley Population Health Unit.

Comprehensive Environmental Health services are provided to the four major Aboriginal Communities and 72 active outstations in the Kullarri region.

Services are delivered in two areas, firstly the statutory responsibilities normally vested with Local Government and secondly direct works performed in the Communities and outstations.

Local Government type works are delivered by an Environmental Health Officer directly employed by Nirrumbuk. This person liaises closely with other service providers.

An Environmental Health worker is directly employed to perform routine works in each of the major Communities.

The Environmental Health foreman heads up a roving regional crew who perform specialized tasks and service all of the outstations.

All our staff have formal Environmental Health qualifications and are expected to undergo ongoing training.

Scope of works includes administering the provisions of various acts, monitoring and reporting on Environmental Health matters, community projects and education, dog health, pest control education, dust control, pre cyclone cleanups and maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Services are tailored to meet the requirements of each location.